Saturday, March 29, 2008

More Spring Flowers

We had a light rainfall this morning along with a little lightning and thundering. The storm moved off rather quickly, but it is still cloudy and damp outside.

I grabbed my camera and took these pictures right after it stopped raining. This beautiful dogwood sits all the way back behind our house next to the pond. It’s the only one we have and I look forward to seeing it bloom every year.

There is a little story to this Azalea bush. I planted it about 5 years ago and was just about to pull it up. Why, you ask. Well, It has never bloomed……until this year! I don’t know what took it so long to get happy, but I’m glad it finally did. It’s just beautiful!

The bush with the white flowers on it is always happy…. It blooms twice every year and is loaded with blossoms.


  1. Hi Thanks for visting my blog,its only been running a week but yours is fantastic i enjoyed my vist and also to your web page
    if it is ok by you i will put you blog on my good to vist blogs

  2. Hi Sandy -
    I love your blog. Especially the beautiful pictures!


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