Friday, October 11, 2013

New Ornaments in the Christmas Shoppe

One of my goals this year was to get my ornament shoppe

"UNDER CONTROL"! Yes, organized, Sandy had let the craft room monster out. And what a mess! So, I decided to down-size and refocus. There were several boxes of end pieces of ribbon, samples that I had never gotten to and "think about it later" supplies.... they had to go!...... go where? I could NEVER toss it! Even thinking about it set my heart into panic mode. And that is where the end of roll collection begins. One by one I sorted through the treasures in those boxes to create this years ornament collection. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Click here to view the entire collection

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Benefit Auction for Hurricane Sandy Victims

This beautiful burlap, pearls and lace ornament is up for aucton!

100% of the selling price will be donated to the Convoy of Hope Disaster Response.

*Shipping to the Continental United States Only*

This auction is taking place on my facebook fan page. please click here to share an bid.
Thank you and many blessings,

Friday, November 2, 2012

Name it, to Win it! Name the Ornament Contest begins!

It's time for my 5th annual
Name it, to Win it
Name the Ornament Contest!

Submit the winning name for this ornament and you could be hanging on your tree for FREE!

Visit my website, DustyOak Ornaments for all the info and an entry form.

Be creative and Good Luck!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snowflake Christmas Ornaments to Retire

I've been working like a little elf to get the Ornament Shoppe filled up in time for Christmas. There have been many custom orders this year and what an inspriation y'all have been to me. Thank you!

Two of my favorites are Midnight Flurries and Winter's Bliss. Both of these ornaments will be retired once this year's stock has sold. :-( So, If you really like one (or both) of these, now is the time to order!

~ handmade by me and is a quilted ornament.
It's beautiful pattern of snowflakes and diamonds in several
tones of silver and blue make this a stunning little ornament.

handmade blue and silver snowflake and diamond quilt Christmas ball ornament

This ornament is also in the quilted style, however the front
of the star pattern is open and a beautiful silver snowflake
is centered on both sides.

handmade silver and white snowflake quilted ornament

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

LA lakers - from basketball shorts to Christmas ornament

I have such a good time creating ornaments from keepsake items!

My customer asked me to take a pair of basketball shorts, that would be kept in a drawer or box and turn them into a Christmas tree ornament ~ a family treasure that can be shared year after year and passed down to the next generation. I love it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's - DIY table decorations

Our youngest daughter recently celebrated her 21st birthday and we wanted to do something special! We decided on a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme and our colors were Tiffany blue and our guests wore black dresses and pearls. These diamond filled boxes were fun to make and were also a big hit as centerpieces for our Breakfast at Tiffany’s birthday party.

I couldn't afford to fill these boxes with glass diamonds, so I made false bottoms and only the top inch is filled with the stones. I used two bags instead of 15. Looks like they are full up. :-)

You will need:
1 piece of foam board
6 paper Mache boxes - assorted sizes (Hobby Lobby)
1 bottle of acrylic paint Bahama Blue by Americana (Michaels)
2 spools of white satin ribbon
2 large bags of assorted glass diamonds (Michaels)
A razor knife
Aluminum foil
Sponge brush

Bahama Blue by Americanna
is an almost perfect match to Tiffany's pretty
blue boxes.


 Using foam brush, paint boxes and lids.
Be sure to paint an inch or two down the inside of the box as well. 

 Measure and draw squares onto foam board.
Using razor knife, cut 4 squares for the support on each side
 and one square as the false bottom.
Measure the supports about an inch smaller than the actual size of the side.

 Wrap each box with ribbon and glue it to the inside of the box.
 For the lid, wrap one piece around and glue.
The bow is made using two strips of ribbon, each glued to the lid
 and then tied  at the center and trimed.

Once the ribbon is dry, glue the support foam squares to the inside of the box.

Cover the false bottom square with aluminum foil and push it
down into place on the supports.

Fill the box with glass diamonds or assorted jewels.

We also had a very unique cake. It was in the shape of a tiffany box (ribbon and all).
The lid came off revealing a large diamond ring. One of her friends from school made it.
TOOO Cute!

Now, what do you think we gave her for her birthday?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DustyOak Ornaments is 5

I'm celebrating my 5th year at DustyOak Ornaments!

It's been a wonderful adventure so far and I'm so blessed

by all the friendships I've formed and delightful customers

I've had the honor to serve.

Thank YOU!

Please help me celebrate! Visit my Anniversary Page

to get all the details on how you can be the owner of the

ornament of YOUR choice!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Name that Ornament Contest

My 4th Annual Name the Ornament Contest
began on October 27th.
This beautiful ornament could be yours!
Click on the ornament to enter.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Visit the Pinkalicious Christmas Shoppe!

Join us every Thursday, starting October 20th for new porduct debuts, special discounts, sales and...

Our Pink Present Giveaway

We're having a Christmas Tree Hunt with some wonderful prizes and.... more surprises are coming your way this year, in our Christmas Shoppe at Shabby Cottage Shops!

There are over 30 participating boutiques!

Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa sit back and enjoy the fun events and gorgeous items featured in our lovely cottages at Shabby Cottage Shops!

Visit the Christmas Shoppe at DustyOak Ornaments

I've stocked my shelves with lovely new items and more to be indroduced! Re-stocked some wonderful favorites and tucked in a few surprises here and there.... it's my 5th anniversary selling ornaments on line!

Also, don't forget to look around for the hidden Christmas tree!

Could one be hiding at DustyOak Ornaments?

Guess you'll have to go look to find out!

I'm looking forward to a wonderful holiday season and a Blessed Christmas! I hope you are, too!

Hugs ~ Sandy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Join DustyOak Ornaments and Shabby Cottage Shops for Christmas in July!!

July 10th thru July 26th

You are cordially invited to Christmas in July, hosted by Shabby Cottage Shops.

It begins on Sunday morning July 10th and runs through the 26th. Each of our participating boutiques is offering one beautiful item for sale on the day they are featured. The person who purchases the item will also receive a second item for free and free shipping. The fun part? Well, the date each shop is featured is a total secret!!

Click on the banner above to find out just what we’re up to!!!

Then click on the beautiful Shabby Christmas ornament below to see what lovelies I am offering for this special event.


Happy Shopping and GOOD LUCK!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm Artist of the Week!

I'm so excited and honored that Handmade Louisiana has selected me as "Artist of the Week" AND to celebrate I'm doing a giveaway! YAY!

Here are the rules.... easy cheesy!

1) Look around my website, DustyOak Ornaments, and find an ornament that you adore! :-)

2) Go the the Handmade Louisiana Blog and read my interview.

3) Leave a comment at the bottom of my interview about the ornament you like.

4) And If you are on facebook, like my fan page.... please :-)

And that's it! You are in the drawing for an ornament of your choice from my in stock supply! Good LUCK!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O' Happy Little Dots

I received dozens of entries for my Name the Ornament Contest. Some of them were heartwarming, others were pretty funny. I received one entry that I really wanted to share with you. Tom W. of Texas wrote this wonderful poem about my little Polka-dotted ornament that truly represents Christmas. Even though the name he submitted didn’t win, I think his poem takes the cake! I hope you enjoy it.

Beam on, O’ happy little dots,
Though like twinkling stars, you’re not.
The simple grace of your design
Reminds me of a simpler time
When green was for the life Christ led
And red was for the blood He shed.
Forgiving all who believe on him
And turn their hearts from lives of sin.

Who inspired such an inviting scene?
White like snow colored ice cream
Dipped in circlets of red and green
And showing off the Christmas theme?
I’ll tell you, I’m not blowing smoke,
It’s the lady at the Dusty Oak!

You catch my eye with colors bold
And make me hope that you’re not sold
Until I can send the fee
And place you on my Christmas tree.

So, now I say, let’s celebrate
The season of His birth with grate-
ful hearts family and friends,
Gifts and food that never end.
Then renew our lives in the New Year
To live in faith and not in fear.

Tom White

Friday, November 19, 2010

New York Giants Challenge - a kimekomi ornament DIY

One of my lovely repeat customers asked me to make a NY Giants ornament for her… “I’d love to!” I said.

So, I ordered the fabric and a few days later it arrived…. Wow! The Giants aren’t kidding…. Their logo is “GIANT” LOL and therein lays the challenge. How do I get that great big logo onto a 3” ball?

I decided to wrap the logo around the ball and quilt it using the Kimekomi style. The logo is about 13 1/2 centimeters long and the balls circumference is 24 centimeters. If I divided the logo into five 3cm panels, I could use 3 panels for the helmet.

I cut the inside of my pattern 3 cm at the widest point and also marked where the bottom line was in order to keep all the pieces straight. I would need two sections of fabric with the logo to allow for overlap.

I measured the 1st, 3rd and 5th panel from one logo and the 2nd and 4th panel from another. I did the same with the helmet, the 1st and 3rd panels from one logo and the middle one from another.

This gave me the eight panels I needed to complete the ball.

I cut out 8 panels of quilt batting that are cut the same size as the panels on the ball. They are like little orange slices.

Once everyting is cut out, I finished marking the panels on the ball and cut them out. This makes the edges rather rough, so I give them a lite sanding with some fine grain sandpaper to smooth them out.

I used a tacky glue to attach the batting panels to the ball and let it dry for a couple of hours. Then I began positioning the fabric panels into place. It was a bit of a challenge to keep the lines all matched up so that the logo would flow from one panel to the other… but I think it turned out really nice.

Here is the NY Giants ornament all color balanced and ready to show my customer.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Pink Present Giveaway 2010

Once again the cottages at Shabby Cottage Shops have out done themselves. This years giveaway is chalk full of truly gorgeous gifts!! It's easy to enter and O' so much fun. So, pour yourself a cup of java (or tea) relax and enjoy your stroll through the charming boutiques at Shabby cottage Shops.

My donation to the Pink Present is "Tea Party" an adorable handmade quilt ornament featuring the sweetest little girls all dressed up and serving tea. Tea pots and tea cups on an ecru background add a touch of whimsy and delicate pearls lead up to a lace and ribbon bow.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

3rd Annual Name the Ornament Contest

Here it is! My newest ornament for the “Name the Ornament” contest! This crazy quilted ornament is bright, fun, festive and oh, so cute… I love it! I will be accepting entries until November 22nd . The winner will receive the ornament FREE! So, be sure to stop by my website, put your thinking cap on and …Name that Ornament!

Friday, October 8, 2010

An Acorn Sprouts

I spent the morning stacking firewood and thinking about Pastors sermon on Wednesday night and how much I’m missing this 70 year old tree we just cut down…. These words came to me.

Guided by the Unseen Hand,
An acorn sprouts and begins to grow.
Its mighty boughs, stretching high and straight and tall.
Rustling leaves, whisper secrets when the spring winds blow.
Its canopy opens like an umbrella to shade the ground.
Deer feast on its seed, like candy, eagerly they feed.

Years pass by as season follows season
And now, in the spring winds, the old tree groans’
Its heavy branches splinter and crack and fall with a thud.
To protect our house - we cut the old tree down.
Made a pile of its branches and set them on fire.
Its wood is split, along the fence, neatly stacked.

For 70 years that old tree stood by
Shading from heat and protecting from storm
Now the shade is all gone and the yard is bare.
I’ll miss that old oak and the plunking of acorns
As they roll down the roof in the cool of fall.
Guided by the Unseen Hand...

~Sandy K.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Walking at Dawn

Walking at dawn, I was chilled. Creeping slowly across the pasture, warming rays of sunlight stretched to greet me. Enfolding me in His arms, God loves explodes with warmth and love within my heart, lighting my path. I sing praises…with the birds.

~Sandy K.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My ride with the Northwest Arkansas Miata Club

During the Labor Day weekend, my hubby and I drove to AR to help my Dad celebrate his birthday and to participate in a Miata Club scavenger hunt and ride.

The scavenger hunt was a fast food run. Each clue had three parts; the first part gave the hint to which fast food restaurant. The second part gave hints as to the specific one. (Couldn’t go to just any McDonalds) Then the third part gave the clue for what to buy. Every item was under a dollar. Dad and I had a good time but without an iPhone in an unfamiliar city… we didn’t stand a chance. LOL

On the way home, Dad drove me down the mountain from Fayetteville on hwy 71. Can’t say how fast we were going, but weeeeeeeeeee!!! It was exhilarating!

The members of the club are wonderful, charming folks and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with them.

I created this custom ornament for him for his birthday gift and also made it available to the club members.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Celebratin' da' Who Dat Nation

The New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl was more than just another ball game. With the city, the whole state and even the entire country behind them… this game represented faith and the human spirit to survive against all odds.
Using my facebook page, I started giving hints to my friends of what I was up to. “Look what I found and guess what I’m going to do with it.” They know me pretty well… or they are really good guessers. LOL Because mostly the comments were, “ I want one!!”

I wanted to do something fun for my family and friends and at the same time raise a little money to help my state.

Handmade Quilted Ornaments - Saints fans special!

These ornaments were available only to my family and friends and the profits were donated to the Convoy of Hope. I have worked with the COH in the past and know first-hand the wonderful work they do. You can learn more about them here: Convoy Of Hope

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two very old trees - gone.

It’s one of those sad days...
We had to take down two very old trees. The 75 year old pine was struck by lightning several years ago and the damage was taking its toll. Taking down these trees sure turned into an emotional experience. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but I love living in the woods and having those big old trees all around me.

The red oak was also in its 70's and growing on the east side of my porch. Please don't worry, this isn't my DustyOak. Yet, I would sit in the shade of that tree every morning and drink my tea. Now, no shade '-( I will miss that tree for a long time. We had the arborist cut it into firewood lengths so we can split it for our wood burning stove. -Pretty sure we will have enough wood for several friends. LOL

The main stump is beautiful, so after it dries out a bit we are going to cut into a couple of tables. I’ll post pictures when I have them finished