Friday, September 10, 2010

My ride with the Northwest Arkansas Miata Club

During the Labor Day weekend, my hubby and I drove to AR to help my Dad celebrate his birthday and to participate in a Miata Club scavenger hunt and ride.

The scavenger hunt was a fast food run. Each clue had three parts; the first part gave the hint to which fast food restaurant. The second part gave hints as to the specific one. (Couldn’t go to just any McDonalds) Then the third part gave the clue for what to buy. Every item was under a dollar. Dad and I had a good time but without an iPhone in an unfamiliar city… we didn’t stand a chance. LOL

On the way home, Dad drove me down the mountain from Fayetteville on hwy 71. Can’t say how fast we were going, but weeeeeeeeeee!!! It was exhilarating!

The members of the club are wonderful, charming folks and I thoroughly enjoyed my day with them.

I created this custom ornament for him for his birthday gift and also made it available to the club members.