Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Our VBS theme this year was Whoville University or “WHO U” - Life lessons from Dr. Seuss. Our children’s minister, Pastor Lori put most of the life lessons and Bible verses together with each of the Dr. Seuss books and it was FANTASTIC! She did a wonderful job.

Cindi Lou Who

We built the girls and boys dorms and main university building out of Styrofoam and painted them to look “who-ish” for the stage, coned several of our older girls to be the WHO U cheerleaders, and had the workers wear “who hair”. The leaders of each age group of children wore graduation caps and were called professors for the week and we sold t-shirts for all the “students”.

Boy's and Girl's Dorms

Who U Cheerleaders

Who hair

Each day the entire theme was incorporated into all the activities; music, snacks, art, memory verse and games. I volunteered to organize and run the art room. For example; we talked about resisting the devil using the story Green Eggs and Ham, the snack was green cookies that looked like eggs. The art project was experimenting with wax resist and water color. On the lesson about allowing God to use you, we taught about being molded and shaped by God. On that day the kids all got to make their own salt dough and "mold it into something new". We also talked about being adopted into the family of God using the "Horton Hatches an Egg" story. For art we gave each of the children a bit of the three primary colors, taught them the color wheel and let them mix the colors to paint their dough creations. "Blending into God's family makes us something new and beautiful." The kids loved it.

Learning the cheer for the day

Another art activity we did was to place a large canvas in the room. Each day we set out a different color of paint and let the kids take turns making a mark on the canvas. By the end of the week we had a beautiful piece of contemporary art for the Children’s pastors’ office.

Painting days 1 and 2

An original masterpiece!

It was a super fun and very successful VBS! A huge thank you to all the mom’s and teen helpers…. It would have never happened without you.

Who U graduation

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