Monday, June 30, 2008

Free Scavenger Hunt for North Bossier City

This Scavenger hunt is for a mystery supper in north Bossier City. Teams have to solve the riddles and discover the cypher code to know where to meet for supper.

If you would like to have a free copy just email me from my website on My Contact Page

It should take between 40 to 60 minutes to complete and ends at a local resturant in Bossier City.

I wrote this mystery supper scavenger hunt for a group in my church and they all said they had a great time...... Be sure your teams read the helpful hints before you let them leave.... I had one team turn up in Shreveport. LOL

To start this one off, I had each team make up a name for themselves. In order for them to get their packet of clues they had to do a song or dance. They had about two weeks to sign up which gave them time to come up with a cheer or whatever....

"You'll have to do a song or dance to get your clue, so make it count the first time through. Or do a cheer, that'll work too."

Also: Don't forget to add a hint hotline number to your packet of clues. That way if anyone gets confused they can give you a call.

Helpful hints:
• You won’t need to leave your car. You’ll find all your clues just by driving by.
• Write your answers in the blanks next to each clue.
• You don’t have to solve your riddles in order. However, the order you choose will definitely affect your time.
• Your clues will not take you south of Interstate 20 or north of Brownlee Road.
• Just like a shoe, for some things, you need two.

Cipher Code:
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ / __ __ __

__ __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Here is where we are having supper:


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