Friday, October 8, 2010

An Acorn Sprouts

I spent the morning stacking firewood and thinking about Pastors sermon on Wednesday night and how much I’m missing this 70 year old tree we just cut down…. These words came to me.

Guided by the Unseen Hand,
An acorn sprouts and begins to grow.
Its mighty boughs, stretching high and straight and tall.
Rustling leaves, whisper secrets when the spring winds blow.
Its canopy opens like an umbrella to shade the ground.
Deer feast on its seed, like candy, eagerly they feed.

Years pass by as season follows season
And now, in the spring winds, the old tree groans’
Its heavy branches splinter and crack and fall with a thud.
To protect our house - we cut the old tree down.
Made a pile of its branches and set them on fire.
Its wood is split, along the fence, neatly stacked.

For 70 years that old tree stood by
Shading from heat and protecting from storm
Now the shade is all gone and the yard is bare.
I’ll miss that old oak and the plunking of acorns
As they roll down the roof in the cool of fall.
Guided by the Unseen Hand...

~Sandy K.

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