Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two very old trees - gone.

It’s one of those sad days...
We had to take down two very old trees. The 75 year old pine was struck by lightning several years ago and the damage was taking its toll. Taking down these trees sure turned into an emotional experience. Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but I love living in the woods and having those big old trees all around me.

The red oak was also in its 70's and growing on the east side of my porch. Please don't worry, this isn't my DustyOak. Yet, I would sit in the shade of that tree every morning and drink my tea. Now, no shade '-( I will miss that tree for a long time. We had the arborist cut it into firewood lengths so we can split it for our wood burning stove. -Pretty sure we will have enough wood for several friends. LOL

The main stump is beautiful, so after it dries out a bit we are going to cut into a couple of tables. I’ll post pictures when I have them finished

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