Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O' Happy Little Dots

I received dozens of entries for my Name the Ornament Contest. Some of them were heartwarming, others were pretty funny. I received one entry that I really wanted to share with you. Tom W. of Texas wrote this wonderful poem about my little Polka-dotted ornament that truly represents Christmas. Even though the name he submitted didn’t win, I think his poem takes the cake! I hope you enjoy it.

Beam on, O’ happy little dots,
Though like twinkling stars, you’re not.
The simple grace of your design
Reminds me of a simpler time
When green was for the life Christ led
And red was for the blood He shed.
Forgiving all who believe on him
And turn their hearts from lives of sin.

Who inspired such an inviting scene?
White like snow colored ice cream
Dipped in circlets of red and green
And showing off the Christmas theme?
I’ll tell you, I’m not blowing smoke,
It’s the lady at the Dusty Oak!

You catch my eye with colors bold
And make me hope that you’re not sold
Until I can send the fee
And place you on my Christmas tree.

So, now I say, let’s celebrate
The season of His birth with grate-
ful hearts family and friends,
Gifts and food that never end.
Then renew our lives in the New Year
To live in faith and not in fear.

Tom White


  1. That is a wonderful poem and so fitting for Christmas. Thank you Tom and Thank you Sandy for sharing.

  2. I love this poem, what a creative person! Thanks for sharing it and conveys exactly what the true meaning of Christmas really is!

    Have a great weekend!


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