Monday, April 14, 2008

Holocaust Survivor tells her story

Last night, Mrs. Rose Van Thyn, Holocaust survivor, visited our church and shared with us her life story. Beginning with the day she was born, she told us of her wonderful and carefree life as a young girl in Holland before World War II. Giving us the dates and days of the week, she detailed the stories of losing her family members in the Nazi death camps. With grace and humor she brought tears and also laughter as she unfolded the traumatic events and how God’s loving hand brought her through it all and finally to Shreveport, LA.

She is an amazing and incredible woman and testimony to the truth of the horrors. It did happen and we should be sure it never happens again. Friday, May 2nd is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Six million Jews were murdered during the time of the Holocaust. Take a few moments to remember those who suffered, the families that were completely destroyed, and those who survived.

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