Monday, March 23, 2009

What's in your Bag?

I wrote these scavenger hunt riddles for a sweet girl in my church who was celebrating her 13th birthday. They were divided into teams and a mom drove each team around town to collect the items. The time limit was 1 hour. This list is free, so you're welcome to copy and paste. If you need any help with the answers, use the contact me page on my website. Have fun!

Note: for #9, either change the name or leave that clue off.

What's in your bag?
a scavenger hunt by Sandy Kalnasy

Only one item per stop.

1. Hop, skip and bounce, I smell sweet when canned with heat.
2. I keep pearly’s clean, but don’t use this brush on your head. And color counts, it’s gotta be red.
3. I’m an ocean treasure. And when found in the sand, I bring pleasure.
4. This butter is not yellow. Find me raw and in a shell.
5. I’m clear, or stripped or white or red, hold your mouth just right and I’m a flute. Boy’s like me cause I can shoot……………..*Bonus points if I have my wrapper on.
6. Boiled, scrambled or over easy, some like me best when I am cheesy ….. *Bonus points if I am hard.
7. I bring good luck to those who wear green; you must be clever because I’m rarely seen.
8. I’m the center of the roll, and once it’s gone, I am trash, but crafty people keep me in their stash.
9. I am a treat, for those who roll over, stay and have a seat.
10. This John Hancock isn’t the rarest, but is must come fresh from Pastor Harris.
11. In the song, I fall from heaven. Find my copper head dated 1997.
12. If eating with chopsticks is swell, your future I will tell.
13. Try to find me without being late, I’m a grocery receipt with today’s date.

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